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Degrees That Pay – Computer Science

Computer Science Majors – Earning Degrees That PayAlthough the coursework is often difficult, C.S is a great program for those with the skills and passion needed to follow through and earn a degree in a fast growing field. This article will discuss majoring in computer science, what to expect, and salary and career info.So What Does Majoring In Computer Science Cover?Students who major in C.S can expect coursework that involves some of the following guidelines. Keep in mind that different colleges offer different coursework, and your program may differ.Significant requirements for mathematics. Many C.S programs require students to have 20-30 hours of math as part of the major program. These often include high-level math classes like calculus and trigonometry.
Computer theory classes. These are normally hands-off lecture courses that cover computer history and theory, and introduce students to basic computer concepts.
Programming and language-specific courses. This normally makes up the bulk of the major coursework. These courses cover specific programming languages like Java, C#..NET languages, PHP, and more. These are typically lab and project based courses that require a lot of participation and programming to complete the class.
Database and/or data theory classes. Many comp sci classes require students to understand how web based and desktop applications interface with databases and data objects. These courses can be either lab and project based, or lecture and test based depending on what they cover. Expect to understand normalization, design of database schema and more.Does Majoring In Computer Science Pay Off?Absolutely. CS and other technical majors are truly degrees that pay. Students who earn a Bachelor’s in Computer Science can expect average starting salaries of over $60,000. Students with other technical degrees often start in the mid $50,000 range. Furthermore, the positions are in high demand due to a shortage of students majoring in technical areas while technical growth at all companies is booming.ConclusionI hope that this article has provided some direction on what it takes to major in computer science, and why earning a degree in this area is a great way to ensure that you find a job when you finish school.