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The Importance Of Concentration

Looking at people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, Sergey Brin (of goggle), David filo (yahoo), Tiger woods, Michael Jordan and many other successful people. You can see that these personalities made outstanding success in their respective fields.

You can also take a look at the first African Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka (Nigeria). It’s no doubt that these people have made inerasable marks for themselves.You might think if these people are geniuses or have some kind of secret powers to success. But the magic secret is that there is no secret. It is simply one major trait that they fail to lose, and that is the art of concentration.

Concentration is the art of being focused at what one is doing without permitting any form of hindrance. It is more than classroom work of studying books properly. It is about staying on track with what you set your mind to do-, which is your vision or goal. It’s somehow related to specialization. In fact, it is related to specialization.

Giving a practical biological example, in the organization of life. There are different levels at which living cells exist- ranging from cell to tissue to organ and to system. It is known that the system level is structurally more advanced than the cell. Its activities are complex, compared to the simple cell stage. This is simply because the more complex life (system) comprises smaller less complex structures that perform specific activities. That is, they concentrate on a particular kind of task. For instance, the human system consists the brain cells, nerve cells, sex cells, hair cells etc. With different kind of tissues and organs. However, an amoeba for instance, which is at a cellular level of organization has only one cell controlling all its activities. Can you then compare the productivity of an amoeba with that of a human?

To achieve at a greater level, above ordinary people, you need to make yourself complex by specializing in your field of interest. Rather than spending most of your time on irrelevant areas, you could invest that time to learn almost everything about your area. That is what proves your proficiency in your field, which shows that you know what you’re doing. However, it is also important to learn about or do some other relevant things that could be out of your field. This is not a contradictory statement.

Situations must be viewed from more than one facet. For instance, as a writer, I need to have basic computer skills and know some web design or programming to successfully launch and manage my website, e-zine and even publish my ebooks. No knowledge is ever a waste. We can learn things that will add value to our lives, but not distract us from our primary work. The key point is this; ‘Know something about everything and know everything about your field’. To be realistic however, no one knows everything. You can only know much or almost everything.

Expanding your scope makes you more knowledgeable and opens doors of opportunities for you. In addition, I will love to give a practical example of myself. Before I went into e-publishing, I used to write articles occasionally and just submit to public directories. With time, ideas like network marketing, offline wholesales, offline digital printing and publishing, web development, basic computer services, programming and so on came to my mind. I even thought of medical science research.

I used to think I could achieve all at the same time, combined with my job as a writer and college student. I consulted my mentor, and I was advised to prioritize my concrete goals and choose activities that will link me to achieving those goals. I also learnt that getting myself involved in too many things at the same time would make me achieve nothing. It could serve as a time waster, energy sapper, and distraction from my dreams. I decided to stick to motivational writing/e-publishing and web marketing (based on motivational products and resources), in other to keep up with my academics and still excel in all. I believe I made a good, realistic and productive decision. This is because; my being internet-based saves me lots of time, energy and money. All I need to do is just to give at least 3-4 hours a week for Internet work. T

his provides enough available time for my academics, writing, faith and personal improvement. A valuable investment, right! I didn’t just bombard myself with all sorts of work, or stick to one activity. I found things that could help me develop my talents and realize my goals better and faster.

Today, I have a strong sense of fulfillment and productivity. I am more satisfied with life and have been able to overcome most of my past problems like time management and self-esteem. The art of focus has worked for me by creating a clear picture of my destination and guiding me towards it. I strongly believe it can work for you, if you’re willing to permit it.

I advise that you should give no source of distraction a chance in your life, most especially emotional or psychologically related. You need to dump criticisms and any roadblocks to your success. Think critically before taking and making decisions. Make productive and realistic decisions to give your life meaning! More importantly, learn and apply other self-improvement techniques such as time-management, goal setting, motivation, leadership etc. Also learn from others and check yourself regularly. Don’t forget to share what you have and know with others. Remember that; it’s only when you have focus that you will know where you’re going and rise to the top of achievement.

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